Siberian Kittens and Cats

From Russia With Love: Meet the strong and gentle Siberian, with personality to share.

Cica Cattery offers some of the most beautiful Siberian Kittens available. Family Lines include Champions and Grand Champions and Supremes. Check out the Siberian Kittens page for photos of kittens descended from these lines and also the Adults page to see members of the Cica Siberian Cattery.
We have various lines. The first 5 are our original "old" lines:

Lizetta Sarzhi
Yolanta Black
Zlata Sibirskaya Taiga
Olesya Sibirskaya Taiga

A few retired adults may be available, possibly in tandem with kittens, possibly in pairs, possibly alone. Each case is unique. If you are interested in considering a retired adult, please email us for details.
For cat lovers in Europe, our lines are available from Meda-Garden Cattery in Budapest, Hungary. They have some kittens available right now. See their website for details.
For the most up-to-date information on kitten availability, recent pictures, and other news, see my blog. The blog is updated several times a week.


Our cattery originated in 1995 when I brought my first two Siberian cats from Moscow. Since then all our cats have been hand-selected and hand-carried from Europe. You will find a great deal of information on this site regarding Siberian cats and kittens. We have included information on the breed, the standards for showing Siberians, as well as some great information on how this wonderful breed is considered the most hypo-allergenic breed of cats available.

The picture on this page shows our Supreme Grand Champion Fawn-Fawn in his prime, our first Siberian male and the foundation of our cattery. Virtually all our kittens will have his genes in their pedigrees. Note the beautiful detailing of his coat. Fawn-Fawn died of cancer in 2009. Here you can see some of his last pictures.

Our other original Siberian, Supreme Grand Champion Lizetta Sarzhi, turned 17 on 12/2/2011. She is still playing like a kitten and enjoying life.

About Siberian Kittens

Siberian kittens grow to be relatively large, long-haired cats which were first imported from Russia in 1990, and are still quite unusual in the U.S. They make loving pets, coexist very well with kids and other animals, and are surprisingly easy to take care of. Even more, they are relatively hypoallergenic, so if your kids have always wanted to get a cat, but your spouse is allergic to them, the odds are very good that you can live with Siberians!

Our cats are raised in our home, with breeding females and kittens in one area, and older kittens moved to a sunroom with access to an outdoor enclosure. Our male and altered cats have the run of the house, with access to another outdoor enclosure. Even breeding males are never caged, and it is usual for our cats to spend their whole lives with us. All our kittens and cats are accustomed to our children and grandson, so they are very well socialized and adapt well to new homes.