We have an unusual pair of two older kittens, both male, which should go to a new home together. These are Golubchik, a blue classic tabby, born June 5, 2016 (here is his pedigree), and Tuxedo, black with white markings suggesting his name, born June 7 (pedigree). These were sold to an allergy household, where the owners developed an unusual slow-manifesting allergic reaction and had to return them to us substantially later. While they were in this home, they became closely attached to one another. When we find the ideal home for them, we will go ahead and alter them. As they have rather rare pedigrees, we want to keep breeding options open for now in case they remain with us. Here are a few pictures:

We have a brown mackerel tabby female with a great personality (pedigree) and her brother, a silver mackerel tabby male, born August 12, 2016. They were held back for potential breeding, but are now available. Here are pictures:

We have a brown mackerel tabby male (pedigree) who is on the shy side, and would be best placed together with another kitten. Here is a picture:

We have another litter of kittens which will be ready to go around March 2 (pedigree). At least two of these kittens are show/breed quality. These include: a silver mackerel tabby male (show/breed), a brown mackerel tabby female (show/breed), a silver male, a brown mackerel tabby male, and mackerel tabby female. Here are a few pictures:

Tnquire about the availability of these kittens, to request additional photos, please e-mail me.