Kittens that are currently available as pets are listed at the top of this page, and a couple of unique show/breed animals are at the bottom. In addition to these cats, we have a special needs kitten which would be a great companion at a nominal price if you buy one as a pet. Write Maria for details.

This kitten just became available after being reserved by a potential buyer. She is a solid black female, very playful and active, born August 28, 2017. Here are a couple of pictures:

We have a 4-month old (DOB 8.8.2017) black and white male kitten. He is available with a $100 discount because his mother bit off half of his tail off at birth, so he has only a short tail. Here are a couple of pictures:

We have an older brown mackerel male kitten named Boris who was born May 24, 2017. He is very sweet and astonishingly playful, and he is very attached to Maria. As a result, he will take a substantial time to adjust to a new home. We recommend that he go as a second cat with another kitten to a local buyer (in central Indiana), so Maria can visit and help with his adjustment to a new life. Alternatively, he could go to an owner who is very experienced with cats. Here are a couple of pictures:

We have a brown mackerel tabby male born June 25, 2017. He is very sweet and outgoing. Here is a picture:

We have a wait list for kittens ready in February: two black males and two brown mackerel tabby males. Here are a few pictures of these kittens:

To inquire about the availability of these kittens, to request additional photos, please e-mail me.